December Donations

December Donations

Many people, including myself, find it difficult to promote themselves. It is not always easy to put ourselves out there, talk about our accomplishments, and share our work with others. At times, it can feel awkward, vulnerable, and even arrogant.

Iron Mikayla has been open for 75 days, and thanks to your support, I've been able to donate $311 to two organizations that help military women. This month, I'm donating $152.00 to Women Veterans Interactive. Throughout the year, this organization supports Women Veterans and provides them with the tools they need to thrive in society.

I am excited to continue supporting this worthy cause, and I encourage others to do the same. Every monetary or in-kind contribution makes a difference in the lives of these courageous women. As a result, assisting those in need and being a part of something bigger than ourselves is always rewarding. I am grateful for the support Iron Mikayla has received, and I eagerly await what 2023 has in store.
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