Women Wearing Their Veteran Pride

Women Wearing Their Veteran Pride

If you look at the time stamp on this blog, you'll notice that it's just after midnight. During the day, I'll often come up with an idea for Iron Mikayla while talking with my friends, and I have to get something out quickly. I love the look of newspaper prints on fabric, lithographs, and artwork, so I decided to use a DD 214 to create a newspaper-esque print for a variety of products. I designed a dress, a T-shirt, a T-shirt dress, and a sweatshirt to celebrate the completion of military service.

Historically, women were not recognized as veterans after World War II. Women who served in World War II were not recognized as veterans until Congress granted them veteran status in 1980. The majority of women did not display or acknowledge their service during their 40 years as nonveterans. Many were proud of their service, but others questioned their motivations for serving and their desire to protect the country they loved.

Even today, some women are hesitant to display their Veteran status. It's completely understandable when you read the stories about how women were treated when they returned home from war, and the struggles they faced both in and out of service. Some people are uncomfortable wearing clothing that prominently displays their military service or Veteran Status. This is why my mission is to find items that are within one's comfort zone and to build a trustworthy brand to represent and support us. This pattern was a joy to create, and I hope those who are brave enough to wear it enjoy it as much as I do.

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