The Shape Of Iron Mikayla™

The Shape Of Iron Mikayla™

Months before I opened Iron Mikayla, I did a ton of research on other Veteran-owned businesses, including the sizes they provided. Not sure about you, but at age 41 I'm beyond the idea of wearing a Baby doll t-shirt, and having a male shirt on my body was less than ideal. Though some may be drawn to the idea, keep in mind that my target audience includes women veterans and their supporters who may be 80 or older meant that a standard-issue tee simply wouldn't do.

Some have maintained their Military figure after years of battling height and weight standards, while others have not. I wanted to make sure that there was something for everyone, no matter where they stood or what shape they were in. It's important to love and dress your current body rather than focusing on the body you want or used to have years ago. Iron Mikayla is committed to making sizes as inclusive as possible. Many products are available in sizes ranging from xxs to 6xl. Some items did not make it to the shop because they were limited in their offerings. Every woman is the physical embodiment of an Iron Mikayla, and I want to make sure this brand is everything we all deserve.

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