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The United States military bestows the moniker "Iron Mike" on men deemed particularly exceptional toughness, valor, or inspiration. Although women have served fearlessly in the military since 1781, there was no term to recognize military women with the same distinction. Iron Mikayla derives from the well-known military codename "Iron Mike."  

The logo for Iron Mikayla will be an "I" that resembles a dumbbell. The dumbbell represents "Iron" and the need for women to demonstrate their strength in the military. The chevrons on the letter "M" in the logo represent a junior military Non-commissioned officer's rank.

In 1781, the first woman, Deborah Sampson, disguised as a man and served as an infantryman in the American Revolutionary War. From what we can gather from history, most women of her era served primarily in domestic roles. Still, she chose to join the military to defend our nation's independence.  Iron Mikayla is a clothing line designed to honor the courageous servicewomen of the past, present, and future. The clothing line will offer casual and professional attire, with a portion of the proceeds going to organizations supporting causes for female veterans and active-duty service members.


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